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Triple Threat Lure

Introducing the Triple Threat lure, the game-changing innovation that breathes new life into the classic Senko bait. With its unique design, the Triple Threat not only features a vibrating middle section but also boasts two vigorous legs that create irresistible movement in the water as it falls. 

Key Features: 

  • Enhanced Movement: Unlike traditional Senko baits, the Triple Threat’s middle section and two legs move and vibrate intensely, attracting fish with a lively, natural action. 

  • Versatile Rigging Options: 

  • Wacky Style: Use a weedless wacky hook to fish the Triple Threat in heavy cover without getting snagged. 

  • Belly Hook: Our specially designed weedless hook with built-in weight allows for deeper and more precise presentations. 

  • Multi-Functionality: Even when the body gets worn out, the legs can be used for ned rigging, offering three different uses in one versatile bait. 

Fishermen will find the Triple Threat an essential addition to their tackle boxes, likely replacing the standard Senko in their arsenal. Experience the next level of fishing performance with the Triple Threat lure, designed to catch more fish and keep you versatile on the water. 

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